SCABEE Project’s Inaugural Transnational Meeting

In an exciting development for sustainability education, partners from the SCABEE project – FHV Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, The Silesian University of Technology, and UCN – recently convened at ESTA School in Belfort for their first transnational meeting.

The meeting was a vibrant hub of discussion, focusing on the preliminary outcomes of the project:

  • Study Programme Analysis: A comprehensive review was undertaken to assess the current competencies of students in understanding and addressing sustainability issues. This analysis is pivotal in identifying gaps and strengths in existing curricula, setting the stage for more targeted educational strategies.
  • Sustainability Teaching Case Study (TCS) Guideline & Framework: A significant milestone, the development of the TCS Guideline & Framework, was discussed. This framework is essential in defining what a TCS entails and how educators can craft effective case studies. This guideline serves as the cornerstone for future educational endeavors within the SCABEE project.

The workshop also offered participants a unique opportunity to explore the human impact on the environment through the interactive #ClimateFresk workshop. This session not only broadened the participants’ understanding of environmental challenges but also spurred innovative thinking for the development of the project’s first sustainability teaching case studies.

Highlighting the project’s commitment to fostering a sustainable future, the SCABEE project proudly receives co-funding from the #ErasmusPlus programme of the #EuropeanUnion, underscoring its significance and the collaborative effort across borders to enhance sustainability education.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance sustainability in education through the SCABEE project.

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