Welcome to the SCABEE Project official website!

Our mission in the SCABEE project is clear – to introduce sustainability into the teaching and thinking in the fields of business and engineering as a continuous theme. We aim for students to discover sustainable products and solutions through Sustainability Teaching Case Studies and develop more sustainable behavior in their personal and future professional lives. They will then transfer their knowledge and behavior to their future companies, contributing to the green transformation of the European industry.

How We Do It

Our partners begin with a sustainability analysis of their study programs to identify gaps and interesting topics for project work. We establish guidelines and a framework for Sustainability Teaching Case Studies (TCS). Based on these inputs, each of our four partners coordinates the development, implementation, and assessment of four TCS (total: 16) with a focus on sustainability aspects. Structured impact assessments from lectures and students who use TCS allow us to evaluate the increased sustainability awareness.

Expected Results

The main results and outcomes of the SCABEE Project will be:

  1. An analysis of the existing situation, including a commonly agreed definition of sustainability.
  2. Guidelines and a framework for Sustainability Teaching Case Studies.
  3. 16 fully operational Teaching Case Studies addressing engineering and business areas individually or in a combined manner.
  4. An evaluation scheme for Teaching Case Studies.
  5. An impact assessment report of the used Teaching Case Studies.